Sunday, October 22, 2017

Our Life in Yellowstone - WHERE WE WORK - FORT YELLOWSTONE

We finished our time at Yellowstone General Store on September 22nd. Said our goodbyes to all of new friends that we made , very emotional time for us! The time really flew by for us too, five months in paradise!
These photos will show actually where we did work for the summer in Mammoth. We had a wonderful time and met some new best friends too! It really was a great adventure for us and we hope to do it again!
This was our view every morning in our campground

This the 1st store we worked at in Old Faithful. It is also one of the oldest in the park, build in 1893

You can see Old Faithful inn in the background

The visitor center in Old Faithful

This is the Mammoth General store where we work most of summer

They also handle all the gas stations in park

Cashier Geni at your service

What flavor would you like!

Our camp for the summer in Gardiner, MT.

After a long day of scooping, I might enjoy a nice whiskey 

Our friends Jon bike parked

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Geni and I have lived and worked in Yellowstone National Park now for over 5 months. We started in Old Faithful and then transferred to the Mammoth area in the first of June. This post will show and give a history of the beautiful Mammoth Hot springs area. This was once a official Army post and a fort! LINK: .
The buildings here are some of the oldest and most beautiful in the park! It has been a real joy to live and hike here the whole summer.

1st building built in 1895 for the pony express

US Post office

Hiking Hot springs Mammoth in background

The Army planted grass, the elk came to eat it! This is the famous elk TOUCHDOWN!

They just finished the remodel of Mammoth hotel in August

September snow storm!

Visitor center has a awesome museum !

Officers row

Church that still holds mass every Sunday

Calvary buildings

Federal Courthouse

Enlisted men

Employee gym