Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The best PEANUTS in the world & The BUTTERFLY MUSEUM

You will find the BEST Peanut Butter in the world in a small town called Williston, Florida. Only 15 people work here but they do make the sweetest and freshest peanut butter I have every tasted!
LINK: https://willistonpeanuts.com/index.html

Also in the larger city of Gainesville, Florida you will find the Natural History Museum with the most amazing Butterfly exhibit! The Museum hold the largest collection of butterfly's in the world!
Millions of different species our stored in their lab, they also raise exotic butterflys from a larve  to display in the outdoor tropical rainforst.
LINK: https://www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/exhibits/butterfly-rainforest/


Feet in the Sand!

Geni petting a saber tooth tiger

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Last Trip before the CHINA FLU - Ybor City Tampa

Its been a couple of very interesting Months to say the least since I last posted.

Our lives have changed very dramatic, little did we know how fragile it can be and how everything is interwoven in this World! I will call it the CHINA FLU because that is what it is, A very serious and very contagious virus that originated in CHINA, that may or may not have been made in a lab and released to us in the world. Hopefully our government will get to the bottom of it and open our Country back up so we can begin to live our lives in a somewhat normal way. Geni and I have been very lucky to be here in Cedar Key, Florida. It is most likely the safest place on the east coast! The town of Cedar key shut down the Island to anyone not living here! So the road was empty of traffic and people these last two months! We our still working at Cedar Key RV resort and plan to stay here for awhile!

One of our last trips before all of this happened was to vist Geni's Aunt Cherl in Tampa. Little did we know that Cuba had such an influence in this part of Florida. The original Cuba immigrant's landed here in the early 1900's and started the most awesome town of Ybor , they were master cigar makers and made Ybor world famous for the best cigars in the world! Along with Italian and German immigrant's this city flourished in the early 1900's with many private clubs and one of the most famous Latin Restaurants in the world "The Columbia". If you are every in the Tampa, Florida area you must have lunch or dinner here, it is an experience you wont forget!
LINK: https://www.columbiarestaurant.com/

We were just so amazed that a city like this was still around with all of its original architecture and night clubs along with and original working trolley car!
LINK: https://www.visittampabay.com/districts/ybor-city/

Entrance to "THE COLUMBIA"


1905 Salad with a CUBANA

A REAL Irish Pub in town

Me and Jimmy hangin

Main Entrance to Ybor

inside of trolley

Empty Clubhouse

our RV park is empty

Our camp #23

Sign in Town

Empty Dock street

Hangin in town by beach

This is usually full of boat trailers

Our friend Dick - 101st Airborn

cinco de mayo dinner we had in empty clubhouse