Friday, September 28, 2018

part one - Our old town in Idaho - My how it has changed!

As Geni and I leave our IDHOME behind, it brings back a flood of memories of living here 14 years of our lifes!Our son was 3 years old when we moved here in 1980, he learned how to hunt and fish here and he was quite good at it as I later found our he use to cut school and go fishing! He also learned how to ski here. Sun Valley really treats its kids good they all get a free ski pass or they used to and instead of study hall they would all ski on Bald Mt which is a world class ski resort. He also learned how to swim here and he was in Karate from 3years old to 12 years old and was also very good at that, he reached a level of Brown Belt advanced, which is one level from a Black belt!

The town looks very little to once was a small ski town with a few trust fund babies, to a town with 5 star hotels and a home to the wealthy! It really reminds me now of Jackson Hole !
 Old Gold mining area 50 miles North of Ketchum,Idaho
 Our son caught his first Steelhead here at the Sunbeam dam!
 Our camp spot along the Salmon River
 Going for a bike ride to redfish lake lodge 5 miles away

What a view of the Sawtooths in the background

Redfish Lodge, spend many a weekend here with the family

 Its called Redfish because the Red Sockeye Salmon would just cover the lake in Red when they spawned. We got to see that back in the 1980's now they have a fish hatchery nearby and they don't even go as far as the lake anymore.
 The Colonels Restraunt first job I had in 1980.

Sun Valley Lodge, Americans first ski resort built by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1936

Great Prime rib here!

This used to be the only light in town, now there are many

The Kneadery, use to clean and cook here

The board bin , son used to get his skateboards here

My favorite handout back in the day

Bald Mountain

A look inside of Grumby's

Sun Valley beer can, I found three of these and never keep them, now they our quite valuable


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Salmon Idaho & Heading back home

Geni and I our finishing up our time out west and now its time to start heading back East to our home in Tennessee and our new Volunteer position in Georgia at Crooked River State Park.

Our first stop is back to Geni's sisters ranch in Salmon, Idaho to do a little R&R and then head to our old hometown in Hailey, Idaho to see how it has grown.

   Geni's Sister Robin's ranch lies right on the North Fork of the Salmon River. It is truly a stunning place to live, wildlife abounds everywhere!                                                                                         
Bald Eagle on Salmon River

Floating the Salmon River

My view from kayak

Beer break
 Took a small hike near their home on the Nez Pierce trail to a fire lookout tower, we gained over 5000 feet in elevation at the top but what a view!

Sisters hiking

Climbing up!

GPS reads 8010 feet!

Mountain lake

Remote firetower

View inside

Mountain Goats in the back yard!


A real Idaho Bar!

Art work at the bar