Thursday, March 28, 2019

CEDAR KEY * Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand

I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand
Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand
Life is good today, life is good today!!!!!!

That's some of the Lyrics from "TOES" the Zac Brown Band. He must of wrote that song here because it is so True! This place is SO laid back we may come back here to live. Great People, Great seafood, Great Views!

Geni and I have been in Cedar Key for almost a month now and we have been busy hiking a few trails, visited a 1853 lighthouse that is only open to the public 4 times a year, joined the local Eagles club, entertained a good friend from Ohio, ate some awesome seafood and just kind of decompressed from our camp hosting position in Crooked River State park.

One outstanding hike we have taken here was the "SHELL MOUND HIKE"
A Thousand years before Spain arrived, Florida was occupied by many Native American tribes. Fish and Game was abundant and the climate was mild, and so was the oysters! The Native Americans would eat the Oysters and then pile then in a mound after. This mound took hundreds of years to complete and has over one BILLION SHELLS!

1/2 mile Shell mound hike

That's a LOT of SHELLS!

Hog Island is a ancient burial site

Awesome fishing pier
 And then their is the World Famous Tiki Bar right on the Gulf! People come from all over to view THE BEST SUNSET in the WORLD here! Time travel back to the 60's here!
World Famous Tiki Hut Bar

"A COLD BEER in my HAND" with our friends Kim & Kurt

Entrance to the Tiki Hut

"A COLD BEER in my HAND"  with my friend JACK

Back side Tiki Bar

The sweetest clams in the world are here!
World famous SUNSET!

Everyone gathers at SUNSET
Grouper fingers WOW!

Famous Shrimp Pie at Dunn's

Live Music at the Eagles

Fresh Grouper and Shrimp

Fresher Grouper and Shrimp!
Local seafood market


Monday, March 18, 2019

CEDAR KEY FLORIDA Laid back Island Life is GREAT

Cedar Key was has been our bucket list for over two years now. Our good friends Clark and Elaine from "Our Newell Adventure" recommended this quaint little Island town back in 2017 when we worked with them at Yellowstone (Thanks Clark!). We arrived here March1st and have just loved the place, no fast food, no stop lights, just laid back people in no hurry at all! One of the locals here commented this is what Key West looked like in the 1950's and you can get hooked here very easy. I renewed my Eagles membership also and now I can hang with the locals!

It sure is here!
Map of Small town on the Gulf


Dock street on the water

On Dock street

Town Garden

1850's  home

Town Garden

Indian artifacts found in town

Florida Railroad was here in 1853

1850's map of Cedar Key

Our friends Kurt & Kim from Crooked River followed us here


Beach Time
Good seafood in Dunn's

Lobby of Island Hotel

Island Hotel dinning room , Best Key Lime Pie!

John Muir walked his 1000 mile journey here in 1867

Peace & Love