Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Our New Winter Home - Camp Host CROOKED RIVER STATE PARK

Our long journey has ended with a 2,436 mile trip, Geni and I have been in Georgia about a month now and are getting settled in to our new jobs as Camp Host for Crooked River State park. We could not be happier with our choice of parks. We are at the southern end of Georgia just 6 miles from the Florida border , a very mild climate with days in the high 70's to low 80's. This park is so nice with just 62 very large spaces, 11 cottages, and 4 picnic shelters.  It sits on the salt water Crooked River that is part of the Atlantic Ocean. We work 3 days a week cleaning up after the campers leave a site. This 500 acre park is home to many bird species that winter here along with many turtles that hatch there young here. Also has world class fishing that I hope I can personally find out about!

Handing out candy for Halloween

Our display won first place!

Pace yourself!

Back in the Warm waters of the Atlantic!

Monday, October 29, 2018

On our way to Georgia we stopped at MARK TWAINS Hometown

On Our way to Georgia we stopped in Hannibal, Mo. the home town of Mark Twain. What a really cool town this was, very old building with beautiful architecture. The home of one of Americans most famous authors Mark Twain. It sits right on the Mississippi River and we hit it right as the were having a folk music festival.

Monday, October 15, 2018

PART TWO - Our old Home in IDAHO

Geni and I headed out of Idaho on September 20th and Started the long Journey home I guessamate 2000 miles total to our winter home at Beautiful Crooked River State Park in Ga. where we start Camp Hosting in October.

We took one last hike before we left our old home State Idaho. We all hiked to Baker Lake, that is about 15 miles North of Ketchum, it about a 2.5 mile hike one way and of course is pretty much all uphill! It was a popular hike we used to take its full of Brown and Brook trout along with a few rare Golden Trout. Its all fly fishing where trophy trout abounds! There were a couple of fishermen there when we arrived and they told us the Brook trout were biting.

This is a Bas wagon, The Bas have over a hundred year old tradition in Idaho. They bring their herds of sheep up to the High country in the Summer months and in the fall they take them back South for the winter. They live in their wagons all summer in the Mountains of Idaho with their Dingo dogs that help keep away Coyotes and keep the Sheep together. When we lived there is was no big deal to see them go right thur town on their horses and thousands of sheep. Now its a huge festival for people to come from all over the US to see this.

Big Big Trout live here

Beautiful clear high Mountain Lake water!

Downtown Hailey


Bruce Willis moved into town a few years before we left in 1994 and pretty much bought most of the buildings in town. Demi and Bruce were really outstanding people! They could have purchased their estate in wealthy Sun Valley but they lived and invested their Money in little Hailey where the working class lived. Bruce purchased the Liberty theater to play with his own band when he was not doing a movie, it was his hobby.  He would come into town and set up with his band and invited everyone in town in to hear him play, they were actually very good musicians! And Demi would be there to and was his biggest support! They were just another local couple then and you would see them in town eating or at the Rodeo or just hanging out, no towns people would bug them and ask for autographs I really think they enjoyed living here those years!


Sun Valley Brewing was one of the Nations first Micro Brews

The old Red Elephant saloon

another Bruce Willis building THE MINT

The Old Hailey Hotel that they are now restoring

Bruce owned this also

Bruce also put in Shorty's Dinner, really cool 50's dinner!

Our old Street

Our old House, not very well kept up! But we did well when we sold it in 1994

The Silver Dollar Saloon. This was also a real Idaho Bar, where you used to have to check you firearm when you entered!