Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SUNNY ARIZONA - 9,700 Mile Journey completed - New job Tetons

When Geni and I left Gardiner Montana on September 28 I reset the trip odometer in the pickup truck to zero. Todays date is December 13, 2017 and I took a photo of speedo with over 9,700 miles in less then 3 months. We drove from Montana to Ohio, Ohio To Tennessee, Tennessee to Arizona.
We stayed or traveled thru 17 of our beautiful United States, camped in State Parks,
National Parks, BLM land, Private campgrounds, repairs of roof leak, slide out motor, locked keys in truck (haven't done that in 25 years), Hospital emergency room visit, traveled thru Arkansas twice in two weeks! What a journey it has been!  We have finally arrived in our winter designation with Geni's Sister and her husband.
Sundance RV Park
Sundance RV park  sits on the Colorado River and is about 30 south of Lake Havasu, we are just over the border in California. Its a beautiful park with a club house, pickle ball courts, saloon and hundreds of miles of ATV trails across the street! 

The Saloon with great pizza and beer

Our camp spot parked next to Geni's Sister's Motorhome
Miles of awesome ATV trails across street
Also wild Burros and coyotes

Sunset on the Colorado

They have a free water taxi to cross river, this is bar across park
Excited news this morning when we accepted summer employment with Grand Teton Association. We were also offered jobs again in Mammoth for next year and it was very hard decision for us not to go back! This would be a totally new adventure for us in another Stunning National Park. We will miss all of our old work mates, but look forward to meeting new ones! 
Our new jobs will be here at Grand Teton National Park
LINK to Tetons

Friday, December 1, 2017


Today is Friday December 1st 2017, we left Eastern Tennessee on Tuesday morning with a new slide-out motor, a new 12 volt breaker and a new control switch. The motor arrived on Monday afternoon and the tech said it would be a easy install and you will be on the road in a hour or so.
Well im old enough to know when someone tells you it will be easy or no problem, it usually turns out the opposite. This time was no exception to the rule. The motor only took a 1 hour to install, when the tech when to operate it NOTHING. Well he looked at the switch and found it faulty and said it would be a easy fix, sure it would be? Put switch in and nothing, no power at all. To make a long story short it took them to the sun set to find the 12 volt breaker that had also burned in half The one positive of all of this is im really learning how the systems operate in a RV.

Monday morning wile we were waiting for our motor to arrive we decided to walk the Battle field nearby called Parkers Crossroads. It has an awesome visitor center with a movie explaining the battle in detail. Just like the battle of Shiloh the rebels had it won and faith at the last minute changed everything and the Union ended up winning. I have been to many of the Civil war battle fields thurout the years and I am amazed at the courage of the soldiers that fought at such close combat!
The amount of troops in the tens of thousands, the supplies, cannons, horses etc are just amazing how they moved from battle to battle with little knowledge of exact placement of troops. The casualties and wounded are always in the thousands.    

Almost 5000 troops were in this battle in the Western part of Tennessee

Beautiful sunny day with over 5 miles of trails

It took 7 troops to man each piece of field artillery and there were 4 to 6 cannons in a battery
LINK to Field Artillery