Saturday, November 24, 2018


Geni and I have been working away at keeping Crooked River State park looking good. We useally work 3 days a week and have 4 days off. We heard how nice Cumberland Island National Seashore was we decided to take the ferry over to check it out. The Ferry runs out of Historical St. Mary's Georgia and cost us $40 for the round trip fare. This is a National Monument run by the National Park service so your American The Beautiful pass is good here.
We took our bikes to ride around on but they also offer tours of the Island that we should have taken to see more of it and the sandy roads were not very fun on our bike tires.

The Island is very rich in History pirates stayed here along with Indians, The British Navy was here and had a few battles with the Natives. But the Most famous history is Andrew Carnegie purchased the Island in the Late 1800's and built the most incredible estates for his family and friends.
This was the winter homes to some of America's most wealthy industrialists.


Inside the visitors center

A Shrimp boat going out

Our ferry

Main entrance to Andrew Carnegies Estate

Wild horses on island

Whats left of estate today

The Atlantic ocean

inside museum

Home on left is what is looked like in its heyday

Other scale models of  Carnegie estates on island

Plum Orchard is still intack and is now a museum that you can tour