Wednesday, December 25, 2019


Over 2000 years ago today a King was born to a young woman named Mary that was visited by an Angle named Gabriel. Gabriel told the Jewish woman she would have a son named Jesus and that he would be the "Son of Man"

Mary and Joseph had to travel to a small town named Bethlehem because of an order from the Roman Emperor for a census to be counted of all people from their hometown. When Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem they were told that there were no places to stay, the Inns were all full.
The owner of one inn seeing that Mary was due at any time, told Joseph they may stay in the Stable.

Mary and Joseph settled down on the hay in a stable with animals sleeping, Mary went into labor and Jesus was born in the manger.

At this time an angle appeared to three wise men watching their flock of sheep, the angle told them the good news of the birth of the King of Kings. They followed the bright North star to the town of Bethlehem where they Knelt and worshiped and bestowed the King gifts.

Today we celebrate the birth of Christ, a child that was born a King and was crucified on a cross with two thieves.

Geni and I wish you and your families MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New year!

                                                                     LINK: The Most Beautiful Amazing Grace

Monday, December 23, 2019

NATCHEZ TRACE PARKWAY - 444 Miles of Beauty

  Its rare in this Country to drive a blacktop 2 lane roadway and never see a Walmart, McDonalds, gas station or any other commercial business! You can drive or bike the Trace and experience this and more!
The Trace is loaded with History and started out over 10,000 years ago as a ancient Indian trading route that led to a fur trappers route and was also part of "THE TRAIL OF TEARS" route that I wrote about in the last blog. The famous explorer Meriwether Lewis led a dramatic life and died a mysterious death right here and is buried in the park.

 Geni and I wrapped up our time in Great Smokey Mountain National Park and headed for our winter hangout in Cedar Key Florida where we have a Camp Host job awaiting us here at the Cedar Key Resort Campground we stayed at last year!

We traveled the entire 444 miles of the Trace thru 4 states ( Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi). We started in Nashville,TN. at mile marker 444 and slowly at a speed limit of 50 MPH ended up at mile marker 1, the visitor center in Natchez, MS. The Trace has many pull offs that you can learn the History of the Parkway along the way. Just take your time and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Natchez Trace!


We stayed a couple of days here at the other Davey Crockett Park, Lawrenceburg,TN.


Davey Crockett's original home

The Grinder House was the lodge Lewis Clark died in 1809

His Gravesite in the park mile post 385

The Gordon House

The Trace crosses the Mississippi River

10,000 year old Indian mounds

The view from our campsite Tishoming SP MS.

Our Campsite for a couple of days

Confederate gravesites along the Trace

Indian Mounds

Part of the original Trace trail

Fat Mama's tamales in Natchez, MS.

 The city of Natchez, MS. is the start of the Trace, and sits on the Mississippi river, it is full of history in itself . Many old and beautiful Southern Mansions you can tour. It was the "King of Cotton" in the Mid 1800's.

Incredible Church's are in the heart of town 

Our campsite in Natchez, MS. is on the Mississippi River

Our view

The cotton fields in Mississippi

        We visited the home of President James Polk , the 11th president of the United States located in Columbia, TN, just off the Natchez Trace. That's my next blog