Wednesday, February 14, 2018

YUMA ARIZONA - The Palms RV Resort

My Brother and Sister in law are spending the winter in Yuma, AZ. from the cold weather in Idaho. They are staying at The Palms Resort and what a resort it is! There should be some sort of standard when RV parks name their self. I have been to many RV parks that call their self Resorts and to only find out after I have paid that they are nothing but low end RV parks. That is not the case here however, the palms is truly a 1st class resort that you can rent by the month or you can also purchase a lot and build a small home. They have a restaunt, massage, Library, computer room, game room, hobby room, Billiards room, Concert hall, Bar, two swimming pools , two hot tubs, tennis courts, pickle ball courts, putting green, Church, Gym, and front gate security too! I spend a few days here to wind down and do some hiking and site seeing.




Monday, February 12, 2018

YUMA ARIZONA - Army Proving Grounds 75th Anniversary

The United States Army was celebrating its 75th anniversary of its training grounds out in the desert a few miles north of Yuma. It opened in 1943  for testing portable combat bridges because of the abundance of swift flowing water that engineers could control as they wished. Dozens of bridges were constructed over the river , it was also chosen by General George Patton to train his troops in mechanized warfare for WWII. I was a little late for this popular event. I missed the parachute jumping and skydiving along with the parade. But It was a beautiful day anyhow. Where else can I see a live band playing along side of a tank in the U.S. anyhow. This is still a active Army base so we were only aloud in certain areas. The museum was outstanding and is open to the public during the week.

Museum is open to public weekdays must get a base pass

Nice crowd on hand for this event!



Inside cockpit Blackhawk

No trouble here with a tank keeping watch
Hundreds of controls to memorize
Where's the gas peddle? 

Nice tribute to Battle of Bulge - My father fought in this battle

General Patton with his tank brigade


Friday, February 9, 2018

LAKE HAVASU AZ. - Thursday Classic Car Show

Lake Havasu is so much more then a London Bridge over the Colorado River, from fabulous fine dinning, local pubs, junk stores bike paths, city parks etc. It really is a complete small town in a beautiful desert. For the last 40 years or so they have had a local classic car show on main street downtown every Thursday. The climate here is so dry vehicles do not rust like they do elsewhere in the country.
Just another day in Paradise!