Sunday, September 15, 2019

A step Back into TIME * 1880's LENHART HOTEL

  I have a few very special places on this Earth and this is one of them. Geni and I have been coming here yearly since 1999. we missed a few years when we went out west.
  We found the Lenhart by mistake, we were on our way to Canada in 1999 to stay at a Bed and Breastfast we visited on a regular basis when my friend Drew and myself was looking for a Amish pie stand and found the pub in the Lenhart instead.
Hotel Lenhart Link
  We have spent many hours and days with our dear friends riding our Harleys here and touring the beautiful New York Country side, sitting on the porch and watching the sun set! Nothing grabs you like sitting on the porch of an ancient hotel watching the sun set and wondering how many people before you have sat and slept in this same hotel in time. If the walls could talk here there would be some stories to be had!  
  There was a time, about a century ago, when the area around Chautauqua Lake was one of the most fashionable vacation destinations in the world. Their were over 6 Grand Victorian Hotels in the area and for over a generation, before the widespread ownership of automobiles, this area was the host to the nation's rich and famous. It is very special that the only great hotels continuing service, as it did over a century ago, is the Athenaeum at Chautauqua Institution, and the Lenhart at Bemus point and they remain very much like they did in the late 1800's. This hotel has no TV, no WIFI, no Air, No phone you can totally disconnect from our fast paced world and pretend you are someone else in another time and another place!  


One of our regular stops

The chairs are waiting?

We have been coming here so many years, we have our own chair

The lobby

The parlor

Front Desk

looking down from the third floor

Our room key

The best Eggs Benedict

The Dinning room


Classic Boat museum in town

Awesome Chris Crafts

Photos of old steam ships that delivered passengers to Bemus Point