Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Hiking and Waterfalls in the GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS

 Our time here in Tennessee is running short the weather is starting to get a bit chilly. Geni and I had a wonderful Summer here in the Great Smoky Mountains. We did keep busy I did a few days of flea markets and Geni worked in the campground office a few days a week. We did find time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors here also. There is over one hundred waterfalls in the National park to visit and our goal is to see them all at some point in time. Here are a few that we did visit this summer.

 We also found an awesome lodge that the forest service built when they built Fontana dam in the 1940's on the west side of the park that is visited much less by tourist, we spent the night and really enjoyed the beautiful views and peace and quiet.
The GSMNP is full of these mountain streams
Fall in the Great Smoky Mt National Park

Fontana Lodge lobby
The Appalachian Trail crosses the dam
A Irish wedding at the dam, What incredible music a bagpipe makes!


The BEST shelter on the AT

Midnight Hole falls

Mouse Falls