Monday, February 11, 2019

Our Time in Crooked River State Park is fast ending

Only a couple of weeks to go and we will be leaving our home for the winter and heading to SUNNY FLORDIA! Geni and I will be spending the next couple of months on the island of Cedar Key Florida and we are getting excited about the prospects of going to a small town that sits on the warm waters of  The Gulf  New Mexico.

Geni and I have met a few new friends here at Crooked River State Park and look forward to staying in touch with them. The really positive thing about our nomadic lifestyle is all the really nice people we meet on our journey! That's what make this lifestyle so rewarding not only do we get to see the Beauty of America but we meet life longs friends too!
Park is loaded with turtles

Full moon over the Crooked River
White Herron in Marsh

Pond at Crooked River Campground
Wild mushrooms are everywhere

The most different mushrooms I have ever seen

Micro brewery in town only open on Thursday 
Geni making a selection
They have a wall you can sign

We did

Best fresh seafood in town

We did mass here in this 1836 Church
Only one day a month its open

Bait shop at Park
Fresh shrimp for bait

Our camp Oct to March