Wednesday, May 23, 2018

we made it ! WHAT A VIEW ! - Grand Teton National Park

After 850 miles and six weeks of laid back traveling. Geni and I have arrived at our summer destination Teton National Park.
We left our awesome camp spot in Rangely Co. on May 9 and broke up our 380 miles to the Tetons by spending two nights in Rock Springs Wy. then traveled straight up 191 to Jackson Wy. and arrived on Saturday May 12th.
We spent the weekend getting adjusted to our new employee camp spot that is very nice! And we started work with our new employer  GTA - GRAND TETON ASSOCIATION on Tuesday May 15th. We will be working in a awesome visitor center right before you reach the main gate. We are very excited about working here and meeting new friends this summer!

We never saw a Moose all last year in Yellowstone, saw one our first day here!
Our first Moose!

 Our First hike of many this year was to Phelps lake view point only 2.5 miles, but felt GREAT to be walking again!
Phelps Lake

Our Employee Camp

Our little Post Office

Where we our working this summer

Our view from work everyday, WHAT A VIEW!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

RANGELY AUTO MUSEUM - Incredible Car museum in the middle of nowhere

As I stated in our last update yesterday we have been staying in a small town on the Colorado, Utah border. It only has four restraunts and only one bar but it has one hell of a car museum! The owner Bud Striegel was born and raised here and started buying and fixing cars when he was 12 years old he is in his 70's now. The museum is just amazing, I have visited many auto museums in major cities and this one is nicer then most! His collection surpasses most of them, Many one of a kind muti million dollar autos.


Remember these Bikes  

A rare Indian coach bike

Cadillac Artwork

Cadillac V10 165 horses

1925 Locomobile custom built for Worlds Fair

1924 McFarland This was ordered by Warner Bros and cost $7300 in 1924! 

Pope - never heard of it

Cadillac Hood Ornament  


1928 Pierce Arrow

1928 Auburn Speedster

Rear of Auburn

1930 LaSalle Convertible

Front of LaSalle

Lincoln Hood Ornament

1928 Lincoln speedster

Merc Covertible

1931 Cord Speedster

Rear of Cord

Ford Roadster

Supped up Flathead!

Only 3 made of these Franklins

1930 Model 147 Franklin - RARE

Our camp of one!